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Friday, August 23, 2013

What Do You Discuss Over Lunch?

The best questions from kids come out of left field.

(note, this conversation was a combination of ASL and spoken English.)

Today during the lunch, straight out of that black hole in left field, Axel says, "mom. Asher a girl."

Me: No, Asher is a boy. What is Angela? Boy or girl?

Axel: Boy

Me: No, Angela is a girl. What are you? Boy or girl?

Axel: Girl

Me: (a bit surprised by his answer because I'm pretty sure we've discussed this.) You are a boy, Axel. What is Abel?

Axel: Abel boy

Me: Right! What is Asher?

Axel: Girl

Me: Axel, if a person has a penis, they are a boy. Do you have a penis?

Axel: Hmmmm yes. 

Me: Does Asher have a penis?

Axel: hmmmm (scratches his chin) Yes.

Me: So his he a boy or girl?

Axel: Asher boy.

Angela: (Very excited!) I have a penis! I'm a girl!

Me: Angela, you have a vagina. You are a girl, just like Mom.

Angela: (smacks self in forehead) Oh my gosh I forgot!

Ok, clearly we need to do some body awareness teaching! I know we covered this at some time but remedial teaching is in order. 

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