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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Bed

My visit to the IKEA store today was weird. It was weird.

Angela and I went in search of two specific items: a mattress for her new bed and a Malm bed frame for Axel in the boys' new bedroom.

When walked up to the bedroom show floor to find the number I needed for the bed, I was met by a store employee who asked if I wanted that bed. I said yes, but was confused on the price. It was listed at $179 but on the website the bed is $99.

"Oh, this is for the floor model. This bed is being discontinued. The $179 is for everything you see here. The bed, mattress, bedding (duvet, duvet cover, fitted and flat sheet, sham and pillow cases), two pillows and a throw blanket. Do you want it all?"

I quick ran the numbers in my head.


"Great, I'll get a couple people out here to get it on a pallet for  you."

We waited for just a minute before a couple staff showed up with cart thingies. They put each end of the bed on a cart and said, "There ya go!"

"Umm...that is the whole bed. You aren't going to take it apart?"

"No, this is for 'as-is', which means we don't take it apart."

"Ummm...hmm...I don't know if it will fit in my van assembled."

"Well, down at customer services there are tools you can use to take it apart."

They pointed us down the isle "Just follow this path and you'll run into the elevators."

"You mean this path, the one that zigzags through the store?"

"Yep. Here's the ticket, and I put my number on the back just in case they question you about all the stuff on here because we don't often sell them as an entire set like this." "This" was a fully made bed, with the bedding and pillows in place, ready for someone to climb into and take a nap.

Picture Angela, my purse around her neck, following me as I push a seven foot bed through a crowded IKEA store.

.... only each end seemed to steer independently and it is was I could do to not crash the thing. If you've ever pushed a hydraulic pallet jack around, it was a lot like that.

Have I mentioned the store was busy and the isles packed with people? "Excuse me. Umm...excuse me? Thanks. Coming through...with a bed...a whole bed. Yes...yes they are making me push an entire, fully made bed through the IKEA store."

We finally made it to the elevators where I had to turn the bed sideways to make it fit. We paid for the bed (yes, pushed that fully-made bed through the IKEA check out) and the guy told me I could find tools at the customer service desk.

We went to the customer service desk. "I was told someone here could help me load this in my van, or take it apart so I can get it in there."


The customer service people were not going to be much help.

A customer waiting said, "Where's your van? I'll help you load it." He and his wife were about in their 60's. Angela and I ran to bring the van around to the loading area.

Between the three of us (and eventually two IKEA staff helped lift it) we were able to pull the car seats and seats out, arranging things just enough so the bed would mostly fit, then we tied down the tailgate. Thank you so much to Marietta and her husband for their help today!!! Clearly the IKEA people weren't going to be of much assistance.

Even with all the messing around, we got a great deal on the bed and mattress! We absolutely could use two more pillows. Now, if anyone needs a set of twin bedding,  (duvet cover and sham) I have one for sale! It looks just like this. ;-)


Becca said...

That's hilarious!!!! I can see it now...LOL You're a patient, patient woman. And that bed was a GREAT deal, even with the hassle, I think. :-)

Cindy said...

Too funny! I was imagining you struggling with that cart through the isles and with all the people... at least you got a great deal!

Mandy Beth said...

My in-laws are those who helped you load! I just read your blog for future consideration on adopting from Serbia, how amazing that my in-laws got to help you.

Leah S. said...

Mandy Beth: please email me privately at deanleah at