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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shopping with Papa

Scene: Papa and Axel, pushing a grocery cart through our local store. Items in blue were signed in ASL.

Axel: Hey Papa! How 'bout (scratches chin) Hmm...spaghetti!

Papa: No. Not today.

Axel: Hey papa! Icecream?

Papa: We have two gallons of ice-cream at home.

Axel: Chocolate?

Papa: Yep, it's chocolate.

Axel: Want cereal?

Papa: Sure! You pick the cereal.

Axel: Papa! I want pizza...please.

Papa: Axel, are you hungry?

Wanna know what I love? I love that Papa and Axel could take a trip to the grocery store and communicate with one another. I love that they had conversations. I love that they love to spend time together. I love that there is love. 


Hope Anne said...

That is awesome indeed. Paul has a hard time learning ASL but he knows the main basics (Hungry, Thirsty, toilet, yes, no" and that type of thing). He also notes that Katya has learned to come up, bump him for attention, then lead him to what ever she wants him to see. This is frequently a spider or other tiny bug she is sure he should kill since she can't reach it! So she clearly knows she can enlist her Daddy's help even if he doesn't know enough sign language to understand every thing! I love that too, because it shows she has confidence now in his protective abilities. ;-)

Hevel Cohen said...

The past three months the lack of communication skills from my side has reminded me juts how important it is. Sigh. Maybe it's time to learn the sign language used in Israel. And Hebrew.