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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacations or Trips?

I read a great article today about taking vacations trips with your kids.

I have to say, my kids are really good about taking trips. Yes, they are amazing. With XM radio in the van, Radio Disney is piped to the "way back". This leaves me free to carry on (mostly) uninterrupted phone conversations with people I rarely get to talk to. (using my hands-free device, of course.)
2012 trip to DC

All our kids love restaurants. They are all about the ordering, and the eating, and the free refills. They eat just about anything and the like to try new things. We have a *slight* problem getting a certain 13 year old to use public restrooms but hey...if he wants his bladder to burst in the car, so be it!

It is for these reasons I love to take road trips with my kids.

The road part. I like the road part.

What I don't getting to our destination. That is when the hell happens. That is when they are no longer restrained to seats in the confines of a steel cage that is the van. That is when I have to watch to make sure Asher and Abel aren't drowning themselves any liquid visible to them. Oh, and the pool.  That is when Angela cannot handle Axel being within arms reach of her, never mind that he was for the entire drive which has been as long as several thousand miles! It is when my eyes must be in 220 directions at once while carrying on a conversation with someone who wants details besides "yes" and "no", and also wants me to remember what they said.

We didn't take any trips this summer. We were too busy enjoying ourselves.

** This post was based on Steve Wiens' post about about vacationing with kids. Please go here to read what he had to say!

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Amanda said...

With my 2, I hate the road trip part...used to LOVE it not so much of them talks the other cant stand the talking and hits herself. Then the talking one tells you to turn up the music. Over and over again... Then the other one starts to talk over the music then you turn the music off and it starts all over again.