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Friday, August 09, 2013

A Day at the Office

Axel came trotting out of his room wearing his baseball hat and sunglasses, his toy computer tucked under one arm, a stack of magazines and a calculator in his hands. "Gottago" he said. "GoWork." (his words all run together, probably what we sound like to him.

He grabbed his backpack and quickly shoved everything in. "Bye mom!" he said, and ever so gently gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Papa." giving Dean the same loving kiss.

"See you! Love you. Bye. Have a good day." as he closed the door behind him.

Oh, but this is Angela's favorite game! It is called "Pack a bunch of crap in a bag and hike around the yard!" She jumped to her feet, got her backpack and hollered "Bye! I'm headed to work!" as she ran to catch up with Axel.

I expected they would do as they usually do and head to the back yard. Dean went outside to get something and Axel was at the door of my van. "Papa! Keys please!"


So they settled for driving their pretend car and sitting at their pretend desks on on the pavement.

It wasn't long before Asher joined them. Angela is typing away on her invisible computer.

And there are phone calls to be made.

It's very busy around here in the summer time. By the time I catch my breath in the morning it's time to make dinner. I love it!


Colleen said...

So cute!! Love this post, especially "keys please" too funny!

Eleven and Heaven said...

Your children just played better than half of America. Reading this and seeing them play took me back to my youth when I used to do the same things. Amazing kids! Give my "Jack" a hug.

Stephanie said...

I love this post! Seriously. It makes me SO hopeful for the idea of pretend play. Owen does very little of it at home and I keep showing him how to do it, but he never seems to grasp it. Maybe some day?!