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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On the agenda for today

Now that we are all healthy again, it's time to get some stuff done!!! Today is an errand running day.

First, back in early November I bought a living social deal for a facial. I have had to reschedule it a couple times but today I'm finally going to get it done. It feels like I spent a lot of money when really I didn't. And, it's rare I do anything for myself so today I can without feeling guilty because I bought it months ago. LOL

When that's done I have a fun errand to run! All of the documents and paperwork I need to do for the adoption is complete. Today I'll be dropping that stack off with the homestudy agency. Tomorrow is our homestudy visit. Once our background check comes back (sometime next week I hope!)  our homestudy will be complete and I can send everything off to Serbia!

I must get something done in the house! I'm behind from the last couple weeks of sick people!

Tonight I start back to dog school. This time I'm not teaching, but Roman and I are taking a class. We've been out for a really long time so it will be good to get back. And, it makes me get out of the house and do something fun one night a week. Dean has bowling in the winter or golf in the summer. I have...ummm...nothing. I really do miss teaching too. Maybe once we get our new son home I'll get back in the ring. Surely I will have even more spare time once we add another. Right?

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Cindy said...

It's so nice to get back to 'normal' when people have been sick! Enjoy your facial!