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Monday, January 21, 2013


Asher has been trying to jump for several months now. "Bend your knees and JUMP!" is something we have been singing around here for what seems a very long time. He will stand in front of me, hands on his knees, waiting for me to sing it.

When he first started learning to jump, I'm sure he felt he could reach the ceiling when in reality his feet never left the floor. Instead he kind of got up on his toes. It was so cute!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, he realized if he held one hand for balance, he COULD get off the floor. Only a fraction of an inch, but he was jumping. He practiced, and practiced and practiced some more. Like a toddler learning to stand for the first time, Asher was determined to jump.

Finally. Finally he got himself off the ground in a REAL jump!

Yesterday I decided to see if he understood the concept of "Jump OVER!"

He has jumped "over" 3,402 times since then.


Becca said...

Oh, my, I LOVE this!! I remember how I thought Samantha would *never* learn to jump, and now she seems to be making up for all that lost time. Way to go, Asher! Love how supportive the dogs are, too. :-)

The Sumulong 3 said...

Yay for Asher! Neat idea about using a string to jump over......might need to try that in our house. SO cute when he heads over to Dad for a hug!

Imogen said...

I cried watching this! Not so much because Asher jumped (although of course that IS reason to celebrate!) but more because of hearing you all cheering him on. Just hearing the genuine love and cheers of encouragement and pride from his family in the background, and then imagining how very little of that Asher had received in the institution - just wow, totally brilliant stuff!

I'd be jumping too - for pure joy.

You guys rock, all of you xx