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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perfecting skills

Yesterday I showed you the video of Asher perfecting his jumping skills. He's been working really hard at this. "Obsessive" is a good adjective to use right now. He's jumping over lines on the floor, doorway thresholds and all kinds of things I can't see. When he bends over to pick up something, he doesn't stand up, he jumps up! LOL It's quite cute actually. He'll be bebopping his way through room and just...jump...totally out of the blue. What a riot he is!

But now he's working on a new skill. I don't really know what to call it though. It's one that makes me scratch my head!


Imogen said...

This skill is called 'Polishing Mom's Floor'

He's a riot!

Mama said...

Fuad did something very similar to this when he came home. But he would go back and forth between being on his knees and down on his belly, so he was either crawling or slithering like a snake. But he seemed to like the feel of the floor rubbing on his head as he squirmed.