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Friday, February 01, 2013

Just Another Friday Night


It was supposed to be very quiet day. Well, I guess it was but now that it's 10:00 pm it feels like it was quite busy. I guess it just depends what side of the morning I'm looking at, huh?

We're having record cold here in MN this week. To cold, in fact, to send the kids to the bus stop on their own, so at 6:45 Angela and I were sitting in the freezing car waiting for her bus. It was -2 with a wind chill of -40. Brrrrrrr  Because of the ice I escorted  her across the street and around the front of the bus. In my pajamas. With bed hair. Just a little while later Dean walked (ok ran) Axel down to his bus, and another 90 minutes later I was again in the cold car with Asher waiting for his bus. Brrrrrrrrr

Dean was off work today, so I left him lounging on the couch while I went to run some errands. On the way I realized I was going to be going right past my good friend Kathie's house and decided to call and see if she was up for a drop-in visitor. That's when I realized I didn't have my phone with me. Ruh roh! It is very rare I forget my phone. The kids are spread out among three different schools and it's an unusual day that I someone's teacher doesn't call or text me. Being a woman of fantastic priorities, I stopped at my friends and we visited for quite awhile. I don't get to see any of my real life friends very often so it was a really refreshing visit.

It was almost 1:30 by the time I got home. I walked in to find Dean baking chocolate chip cookies. (is he not the best husband EVER?) He said "Hi!" very quietly and pointed to the couch. There was Asher, sound asleep buried under blankets. Of course today was the day school called! Thankfully they were easily able to reach Dean and he went to get Asher from school. Poor baby was asleep on the couch with his 101* fever.

Before we knew it the big kids were coming home. Dean made dinner (see? AWESOME MAN!) then we were just hanging out. Asher had perked up thanks to some Tylenol so the kids and I were having fun singing some action songs. Somehow this turned into Axel showing us how he could do push-ups. (and he does them quite well!) Then Angela decided to lead them through stretching exercises which included push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, and some strange contortionist thing she had going on!

I decided to teach Axel and Angela how to arm wrestle. Apparently she already knows how, because when I asked her if she wanted to arm wrestle, she whipped up her sleeves and declared, "BRING IT!!!" and set her elbow down to wrestle!

A family arm wrestling tournament ensued.

Then I had the brilliant idea to challenge Dean to an indian wrestling dual. On the hardwood floor because we trashed our area rug months ago.

Did you indian wrestle as a kid? It's when you lay on your back, the other person lays next to you but with their head by your feet. You each bring up the leg closest to the other person, hook legs and try to pull the other person over.

Indian wrestling is not meant for two very out-of-shape middle-aged adults. Just say'in!

Now the kids are all in bed and Dean and I are both taking Ibuprofen. And also, he kicked my butt wrestling.


Anonymous said...

I could actually hear Angela saying, "Bring it!" And... of course Axel is great at pushups. The boy is one big muscle!!

The Sumulong 3 said...

What I wouldn't have given to see Angela roll up that sleeve and say "Bring it!"......hilarious! Sounds like a good night of family fun!