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Friday, December 30, 2011

Meet Kai

Do you remember this little guy?
Well I promised to show you his WHOLE face once he came home, especially since many of you helped to get him there! Meet Malakai!
 One of the first days out of the orphanage.

In  his Christmas duds!

I had the pleasure of rooming with Kai's mom and dad Brianne and Jay in Serbia. They even got to meet Asher. Kai came home just two days before Christmas and they're just now recovering a bit. Their blog went  private while they were in Serbia but I've heard a rumor they're going to start blogging again! YAY!

Anyway, feel free to comment here and welcome Kai home!

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Natalie said...

Oh I would LOVE it if they started blogging again! Little Kai is adorable!!