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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Asher Signing (video)

Asher has been in my custody for two weeks now, and here in the U.S. for just over a week. One of my firsts tasks was to give him the ability to communicate.

14 days with me and he can now sign:

all done
bye bye

I usually start with the sign for "more". Asher was pretty funny because while we were still in Serbia,  this crazy talking woman (meaning I was speaking English so he had NO CLUE what I was saying!) tried to do hand motions with him and he would squeeze his eyes shut tight and turn away. LOL

Then, the middle of last week things "clicked" with him. Now that he's learned these movements have purpose he will imitate nearly everything I show him. This video was taken the day he learned to sign "more". As you can see, he'd already added "milk" to his list! He still needed a little prompting at this point, but by the next day he was initiating on his own. (See that stack of mail behind him? Yep, still have to go through all that stuff! Oh, and this video of him eating reminds me he's gained FIVE POUNDS in two weeks!


Homeschoolin Mama said...

Wonderful!!! Children are so good at picking up a new language! Way better than most adults!! Way to go Asher!!

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Leah, I absolutely love the video clips and updates you share of your children! I wish I could be a fly on your wall, or just visit you to see how you teach your children. Its good to hear Axel talking in the background. How does he like being a big brother? And Angela? Asher is a beautiful gorgeous treasure.

Leah Spring said...

Karien, Asher is now 35 lbs and 40 1/2 inches. That last I looked at the DS growth charts he was 25% for height and not on for weight.

Linnea said...

He is beautiful! You really do such an amazing job! One thing I noticed is that he didnt fuss at all when you took the milk off of him. Do you think that is sad? I kinda thought it was sad and maybe at the orphanage they just learned when the care giver says its done its done. So grateful he has a mommy now who can show him that when the milk gets put down so he can eat food he can always have it back. You are so blessed.

Be blessed


Kathie Brinkman said...

wow! progress, progress. just think where he'll be developmentally in 2 months???

Melissa said...

I loved hearing Axel in the background saying more, good boy, sign... What a great big brother!!

Add me to your long list of fans! You're doing an amazing job!!

Melissa :)

Melissa said...

I also wanted to add that I have my own adorable little Asher. He's three years old and weighed about the same as your Asher when you got him (he's 29 pounds or so). I'm happy to see that your Asher is gaining weight and passing mine up fast! :)

Melissa :)