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Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Answer to Prayer

Many of you reading here are also readers on our adoption blog, and know that for almost two years we've been praying for a little girl we call "Ianna".  (hint, there's a picture on that link.)

I met Axel on the same trip I met Ianna. It is because of Ianna that Dean's heart was opened to adoption. It is because we adopted Axel that we knew "we can do this" and Asher joined our family.

We have one open bed left in our house. We have approval to adopt one more child. That spot has been reserved for Ianna, who sits in a horrible mental institution in Serbia. When you watch the video of Serbian institutions  That is where Ianna spent her first 7 years, and last year the place she was transferred to is much the same! Can you imagine, she was moved from one horrible place into a fairly good facility, only to be moved BACK to a place just like the first? Can you imagine the horror going through her little mind?

I'm sure you can understand it is for this reason we begged and pleaded to God to get her out of there. Get her to our home, or to any home. Just get her out.

Yesterday we received an answer to our prayers! We were informed by the Serbian ministry that she has been moved to a foster home!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!

You see, international adoption should be a last resort, when there are no other options available. Most of the time in Serbia children in foster care stay in the same foster family for many years. We hope the same is true for Ianna. It could still happen that someday she'll be made available for adoption but it appears now that at nearly 12 years old she'll stay where she is until she ages out.

Thank you God, for hearing our plea for Ianna and getting her safely into a family. Thank you God, for using Ianna to bring two new children into our home.

Will we adopt again? Only God knows!


Milena said...

I'm happy for Ianna and I hope that she is now in a loving and caring fosterfamily who will fall for her like you did - and if not - that she'll get to be adopted by you! However, that she's out of the institution is wonderful news!

Mel said...

Oh Leah!! I know how happy that must make you!! Your sweet girl is OUT of the HELL that she has had to endure!! I can only pray that the foster home she is moved to is loving and can see her beauty and her potential like you could. If it is meant to be, I'm praying that God will move her one more time though. :)

Hevel Cohen said...

I am glad to hear the news that she is no longer in that awful place and continuing to pray for her and her new family.

Karien Prinlsoo said...

I m glad to hear that she is out of her previous horrid institutian. I pray that her foster family will love her unconditionally!!!! BUT BUT every time you hint about "something" I hope that she is coming to your home...can't help it, I always hope!!!! I would love to see her blossom in your family. But I know God's Will is what matters

Krista said...

Made my day, Leah:) Thank you for sharing. Only one thing could have made it better!

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you & not to harm you. Plans for a hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

May she come to know this sooner, rather than later.

Tamara said...

That's just wonderful to hear -

Devon said...

Wonderful news!!!