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Monday, September 26, 2011


Tonight is all about Angela. Here's why!
Here's a picture taken about two months before she got her braces on. Angela is missing several adult teeth, so the braces moved a lot around to fill all but one gap. It's hard to see in this picture (if you click on it I think it'll get bigger) but her front teeth came together at an angle. Also, you can see her second top tooth on her left is sideways. Her bottom teeth? "Jumbled" comes to mind. They were all over the place and are now nice and straight!

This picture was taken just a couple weeks after she got her braces on. WOW!!! Pretty sure that was a different kid! This very rapid weight gain was from taking Depakote for her seizures. 
And here's an "after" photo. She has two and a half years of orthodontic work behind her now! She was actually supposed to have about another  months but we decided it was time to be done.


Ellen Stumbo said...

I cannot believe that last picture Leah, she looks like a lady! Where did the girl go? Watch out, those boys will be knocking at your door!

Ellen Stumbo said...

Yes, I will comment again because I watched the video and I just love that girl! When are you girls coming to visit?

Twilson9608 said...

She is beautiful and so is her smile!!!

Hevel said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Angela!

Milena said...

Such nice teeth she has gotten! Beautiful. And she looks so much like you in that most recent picture!

Amy said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Sorry to say, you no longer have a girl, you have a young woman on your hands!

Linnea said...

She looks amazing! She is so beautiful. All 5 of my kids sat around and were just captivated by the video. Thanks for sharing.

Be blessed


Momtoseven said...

Congratulations, Angela - you look fantastic! Wow! I remember when I got my braces off - I couldn't stop licking the smoothness of my teeth - I loved it - freedom!! - Maureen