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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please spread the word!

Most of you know that Axel was adopted from Serbia. For those who are new here...umm...Axel was adopted from Serbia. :-)

Serbia is a small country, close in size to the state of Minnesota. There are approximately 50 children on Serbia's registry for international adoption. To protect the privacy rights of their children, Serbia does NOT allow photo listings. While I do know many of the children who are on Serbia's registry, the Serbian ministry has asked that I not share specific information about them.

But I will say this: There are many children with Down syndrome as well as other special needs on that list. There are also children on the list who were just added to the registry in the past week. There are children who's needs are simply that they've been in an institutional facility their entire lives and it shows.
Although Serbia is working hard toward change, at this very moment there is nothing there for the children who have significant needs. I know the facilities they are moved to. I won't say anything more other than we need to get these kids into families!

Serbia is a very easy and inexpensive country to adopt from. From the moment we started our homestudy until Axel was in my custody was 4 months.  Please email me privately at deanleah at and I can give you the direct contact information for the Serbian Ministry adoption unit.

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