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Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Feeling of Success

I feel so incredibly accomplished when I get things done have seemed daunting to me, or that I've put off for a long time because they're just such a hassle to complete that I procrastinate forever. Today I got a project done that's been sitting for at least a month, just waiting for me to finally get irritated enough to do it.

Today's task was to program the universal remote. It only took me about three minutes but you just never know with these types of projects what kind of snowball effect they will have. Thankfully today was a simple task with now fall-out. What tasks have you been putting off?


Hevel said...

Hm, writing a proper blog update... sorting out some paperwork to finally get some money from the state they've owed for a while... set the clock on my personal laptop.

Becca said...

We're right there with you on the universal remote...

But as for the stuff I've been putting off? I think the list is way too long to post here. And the more we put off, the more stuff piles up that gets put off right behind it. :-(