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Friday, September 02, 2011

On learning to gloat

This morning during breakfast, I decided Axel had not had enough screen time lately, so I pulled up a short movie on Netflix. Besides, I needed him busy for a few minutes so I could take a shower. He's gotten a lot more...ummm... adventuresome in the house recently and is no longer content to just sit on the couch with his Signing Time brochures admiring Rachel. Instead he carried her along to investigate nooks and crannies in the house he has previously ignored. Like the electronics cabinet, my make up drawer, or...well...places nobody but me should go sometimes.

So anyway, he was just finishing up his movie when Angela came upstairs.

Angela: "Good morning Axel."

Axel (pointing tot he computer): "See? See? Mooo ooom" (in a sign-songy "ha-ha on you" type of voice) To interpret the Axelese, he meant, "See? I'm on MOMS computer! The one you covet. HAHA!"

Angela: "Fine. I'm going downstairs. Not you!"

Axel just grinned and turned back to his movie.

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Imogen said...

Ahh siblings... gotta love it!