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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crickets and Fish

There are crickets chirping around here! Can you hear them? I'm wondering if the comment button is broken or something! LOL

We've been busy around here. Last week was the first week of school. Angela did fine, I didn't do fine with Angela's school. Axel didn't do so fine, so I went to school for the entire day with him on Thursday. I hear Friday was much better, but he only had to be there until noon because Papa, his most favorite person in the whole world, picked him up and took him fishing for the weekend, 4 hours away Up North. (that is capitalized because "Up North" is a special place for those of us in Minnesota!)

Axel caught several fish!

Got his baseball hat. Got his fish'in pole!

 Got his life jacket!

Got his Papa!

Ok, well NOT super thrilled about walking on this dock thingy.

See Dean's grin? I think just breathing in the air Up North makes him high or something.

Oh Axel, you got one! REEL Buddy, REEL!!! (check out his tongue sticking out. LOL)

Axel's FIRST FISH!!!!!! YEA AXEL!!!!!

This things kinda gross really. (Notice he's now wearing rubber gloves? LOL)

Each one got a little bigger....

Going fast is FUN!!! We'll turn him into an adrenaline junkie like Angela in no time!

Breathing in the Up North air makes a boy tired. Nothing like a nap in the boat while being gently rocked. I always feel the same way. LOL

Axel's BIG fish! Papa was so proud. 

Ok, it's not THAT great. Get that thing away from me.

Of course, Dean says I need to post a picture of HIS fish too! 24 lb Northern. HUGE!!!! Later Axel caught a 10 lb fish but it flipped out of the net. 

Wait, let's look at that picture again, shall we? Click on it to make it bigger, and take a look at Axel's face! 

Axel came home filthy, with a dirty face and smelling of fish, just like a boy should! I'll leave you with this adorable smile...


AZ Chapman said...

looks like a great time

charlotte said...

Can't help but smile at the caption 'Got his Papa' :D

Hope you get Angela's school whipped into shape soon!!

Linnea said...

Those fish are huge! Wow! Excellent job guys! What a fun dad n son time. Axel looks amazing!!!! You are so blessed.


Jackie said...

I think Dean's smile was partly Northern air but mostly going fishing with his boy :-)

Anonymous said...

Nolan and Phil would be SO JEALOUS!!!! I am so Happy that Axel has been given this Life! Can you imagine what he would have been doing if he had not been adopted?!?!?! Breaks my heart to even think! GO look like a ol' pro!!!!

Christine said...

What a big boy!

Momtoseven said...

This post is beautiful. Axel and his Daddy - doing Dad and son things - it is awesome. So happy for both of them. Your comments were so funny!!