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Monday, September 24, 2007

MN Health Care....RANT

Minnesota health care, who made you God? Warning, I woke up with a migraine, and then got this phone I'm CRABBY!!!!

Now, back to insurance companies.....What the HE** are they thinking????

Last week I called the pharmacy to refill one of Angela's meds. This is the medication that keeps all of us in the household safe from Angela's rampages. (at least 90% of the time anyway.) Angela's script is written for (x) mg 3 times daily.

When I picked up the script the pharmacist said there was a problem. The medication with that Angela has been on for a year at the exact same dosage, suddenly the insurance company doesn't like the way the script is written. They don't like that it's 3 x a day. They will only cover if it's written for twice a day.

This irritates the crap out of me. Who the he** is the insurance company to say how a kid takes medication? Isn't that up to DOCTORS???? Now, in reality this is a solvable problem. They want it written for twice a day, so the doctor said she'd write it so the afternoon dose is double, but we'll just split the pill and keep giving to her like we have been. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, does it?

WRONG!!!! Any other caregivers she has (school nurse, pca, etc) are required to give the medication AS IT'S WRITTEN on the bottle. Angela can't take a DOUBLE DOSE in the afternoon, she'd sleep for 24 hours!!!!

So I called the state Ambudsman, but of course they're not taking calls this week. (how can they not take calls????) and there is a message saying if you're having issues to call the insurance company. So I call the insurance company which has a message saying, "we're experiencing higher than normal call volume. Please call back later." then it disconnects you.

What the &^#@#)$&^S%

What the state of Minnesota doesn't know is how many times I've complimented them on the services we receive. Minnesota has long been known as the "cadillac" in the world of disabilities. It's crap like this that makes me wish I'd never opened my big mouth. We are just one small family of fish in a big huge pond. What are they doing to other families that have much bigger issues than we do? What a CROCK!!!

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