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Monday, September 24, 2007

Friends For Life

Angela and Rubee, enjoying a show and a snack.

Video of our Jr. Handler!


Tom said...

That's a great picture of your daughter and dog; good friends for sure.

Kathie Brinkman said...

That is so cute. Just a flash of an idea: do you think our kids with DS would have a natural talent with working with dogs? Angela sure made that work with Dudley look easy. This could be an interesting job skill for our kids to have. Your thoughts?

Leah said...

Thanks Tom!

Kathie, it's possible. Though you have to remember that Angela watches this activity ALL the time! LOL

One thing I have noticed though, is it's never occurred to her to be afraid of a dog, which is partly why they listen to her. As you know she can have kind of a "commanding" presence (that's a nice way of saying bossy) which is something dogs look to for leadership.

Dean and I have been tossing around the idea of doing a DS obedience training program. The dogs would have already have a minimum of level II obedience, as the purpose of the class would really be for the individual with DS to learn skills and not the dog. (hope that makes sense). Get this, Dean said, "If we could get this going, I would love to help with it."

God I love this man!

Kathie Brinkman said...

Okay. If you could get this going, I'd help and my kid would come. Let's talk seriously about this.