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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Tissue Expander Fill

Today was the first of what will be many fills to my tissue expanders. If you're on my Facebook you know by my status this morning I was having a lot of anxiety in anticipation of this event! I'm still in a fair amount of pain with occasional severe shooting pains. Those shooting pains happen when the implants rub up against a rib or muscle. I just couldn't imagine adding more pain to what I already have.

Here is what the tissue expanders look like. The backside is hard plastic. The black circle is the port where the needle is inserted to add fluid.

This picture illustrates how the implants are placed in the chest behind the muscle. You can see how the plastic edges would rub against the ribs.

Here is what the fill process looks like. As you can see, this woman is nearly finished with the fill process.

I am happy to say I had myself all worked up over nothing! Because the skin on my chest has absolutely no sensation, I didn't feel the needle stick at all. The doctor put in 150 cc of fluid and all I felt was a slight tugging sensation on my chest. She was only able to fill one side. The other side is still draining a bit and has a lot of swelling so it will wait until next week. I was told by tonight I will be sore and may have some muscle spasms so I took a muscle relaxer right away. So far tonight I'm a bit sore but nothing like I expected.

And then I came home and did something I haven't done in a month. I went to take a nap, and sorta kinda laid ON MY SIDE! YAY ME!

Thanking God for this small break!

Next week: Fill number 2, and a step closer to done!

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eliz said...

I don't have a FB page. I'm glad you are sharing here as well. :o) I'm so glad that you did not have any pain and pray your night went good as well! (((HUGS))) and prayers