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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Awareness Month: Down syndrome

My previous post was about breast cancer awareness. I am reminded of the existence of breast cancer every day. I try, though not always successfully, to not let breast cancer rule my life. Because every morning I look around the breakfast table at 5 sets of eyes who greet me with smiles no matter how crappy I feel due to my treatments. Every morning I get a hug from each of these 5 kids. We go through our morning routine, I give them a hug and send them off to school just like I have been doing with my kids for 28 years now.

I often have to remind myself these kids have Down syndrome. 

The eyes of my kids are captivating. They each hold a story with details I will never know 100%. I cannot know what it is like to have Down syndrome.  I DO know that every day my kids' lives are filled with the same experiences as their same-age peers. They have friends, they have spats with friends, they have a love/hate relationship with their siblings, they have foods they like or dislike. They live life to the fullest just like every child their age.

Our kids with Down syndrome are just as amazing as our other kids.


Tamara said...

Absolutely! How long does it take to get out the door with all that hugging? :-)

eliz said...

I don't know Leah :o) I think our kids with ds are extra amazing! There's no one I'd rather spend my day with! They teach me!
(((HUGS))) and prayers