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Saturday, September 22, 2012

When I grow up

Then I learned about roller derby, and I wanted to do that, but I was still very shy, and certainly not very tough.

A few years ago Dean and I were at the state fair when we saw the Minnesota RollerGirls table

Oh man, the team members had some cool names, like "Barbie Brawl" and "Moto Fluzzi". 

"I could do that!" I told Dean. He shook his head. "No, you can't. You're old now, honey."

"I'm not. I'm not old." I said, as I looked at some of the team members who all appeared to be between 18-25. He was right, I was old.

Then last year I found a new friend on Facebook who just happens to be part of Roller Derby. She encouraged me to get back on my skates. Ok then! I used to take the boys skating for their birthday parties so it hadn't been THAT long since I'd been on wheels. Maybe 10 years? (umm yes 10 years is kind of a long time, isn't it? LOL) My new friend and I decided to meet up for a day of fun skating. Since I was determined to do this and I am an 'all or nothing" kind of person, I went out and bought racing skates. 

I stepped out on the rink. And DOWN I WENT, quite hard, really. I landed on the back of my neck and head. I felt an electrical shock-type feeling go up into my head. I had no idea racing skates were so much faster than my old skates had been! I got back on my feet and skated some more. Slower now, and staying a bit closer to the wall. Hmmm the longer I skated the more I knew I'd really hurt myself with that first fall. First? Yes, there were a couple more after that.

Later that night, since I could no longer move my neck and my head felt like it was going to explode, I decided I should go get checked out. I ended up like this:
2011's attempt to get back on my skates

In the Emergency department the nurses kept asking me, "Did someone hurt you? How did you hurt your neck?" 

Me: "I was rear ended."

Nurse: "Did you file a police report?"

Me: "Wait no, I was skydiving and I did a flip." (sounded way better don't you think?)

Nurse: "What company were you diving with? Do they know you hurt yourself?"

Me: "Maybe I wasn't skydiving. Maybe I was bull riding. I forget."

Nurse: "What were you really doing?" 

Me: "I'm not telling." 

Nurse: "You have bruising on the back of your neck and head. Who did this to you?" 

Me: "Ok fine. I was roller skating....and...and I was on racing skates because I wanted to join the roller derby only Dean was right and I'm TOO OLD!!!!!" The nurses were nice enough to hide their snickers behind their hands.

Then, a couple weeks ago we were at a parade, and the Klondike Kates went by on a float. 

OH MY GOD! I want to be Klondike Kate!!!!! 


DandG said...

Oh dear! How long will you have to wear that? How are you managing the kiddos while you are recuperating? A mama can't afford to be sick!

vicky said...

Follow your bliss and learn how to properly fall. I have fallen a time or two! Suffered a neck injury a time or two (a 4th degree kicked me in the head), and still follow my bliss. I will never stop playing until I cannot move a muscle.

Leah S. said...

DandG, the fall was last year. This year I'm focusing on Klondike Kate. ;-)