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Monday, September 10, 2012

I get excited...

I get so excited when a family is close to traveling to complete their adoption. It is like watching a family member who has been pregnant for many months and is now ready to deliver their baby. It is that exciting.  When it's a family who has taken a leap of faith and decided to proceed with a semi-blind adoption of a child from Serbia, I almost can't contain myself!

The Lakes family are almost there! While the Serbian government was shut down for the summer, the Lakes have moved forward to complete the paper part of the process. Tomorrow their dossier (the paper baby) will begin it's journey across the ocean, which takes about 4 business days. From there it will be translated from English to Serbian - approximately one more week. When the translator has completed the task, he or she will get in the car and hand deliver the now translated baby to the Serbian ministry.

And THAT, my friends, is when the most exciting part will happen! The Lakes will be given information on any children who meet the the criteria they've given the ministry. (I have my secret hopes about who will be on that list, since there was an ADORABLE little boy in Axel's foster home who was registered for adoption right after that.) The Lakes will be able to make their decision based on the information they've been given, and since they're working directly with the Serbian ministry, they will able to ask some additional questions. Once they've made a decision their file will be sent to the child's social worker for final approval. THAT is when they'll be told it's time to travel!!!

So, realistically, they are 3-4 weeks from travel. How will I contain my excitement? I'm sure the Lakes are beyond excited right now. I know the anxiety that happens at this point. The feeling of travel preparation. As a mom, I go into freak out mode the last week, getting all things in place so Dean has as few worries as possible.

Please visit the Lakes' family blog, and give them some bloggy love!


Melissa said...

I'm super excited for Tara and her family. I "met" her on baby center not long after was Claire was born and have been following along ever since. :)

Tara said...

We are SO excited, Leah! Thank you! You have been an amazing guide through this whole process! Dossier has been shipped and now we wait. YAY! :)

kimberley mccollum said...

cant wait to follow her we are hoping to be hot on her heels lol