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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Got a stripper or diaper digger?

It seems I have a lot of friends who's kids have reached that really fun developmental stage of stripping, removing diapers, and generally causing a ruckus by doing so.

Years ago when my boys did this I had them wear sleeper pajamas, but I cut off the feet and put them on backward. I would then secure the zipper tab with a safety pin so there was no way they could get it down. It worked great, at least in the winter months. In the summer it was just too hot to wear those pajamas. Today I was looking for images for a friend of mine, of kids who's parents had done the same thing, when I ran across this:

Enter the Little Sleeper Keeper!

Take a close look at the top fasteners. First, there is a snap that prevents the zipper from moving down. On top of that is another snapped piece to prevent the first one from being accessed. 

The Little Sleeper Keeper is made of non-stretch material so there is no wiggling out of this thing. It comes in many sizes up to 7/8, and in a short sleeved version too! This looks like pretty light-weight material that could be worn under regular clothing during cool weather if you have a diaper digger! 

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Melissa said...

These are really awesome! We only had about a week of Claire removing pjs, but if she starts up again, I'll be looking into these!