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Sunday, July 08, 2012

More on Adoption Spotlight

Last week I posted about the blog "The Adoption Spotlight", and the use of one of my blog posts without permission. I filed a complaint with the blog's host, Wordpress and received a notice the post had been taken down. Today I received the following email, informing me I have 14 days to take legal action or my post will be put back up. I am posting the email in it's entirety, however I have blurred the contact information including mailing address, email address and phone number, however I have left the blog owner's name in place.

*** Edited to add*** The address given is to the Warsaw hotel in Moscow. I'm waiting for Wordpress to give me the ip address of the poster.

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Jennifer said...

Kudos to you for posting this. Who is this person? Your information was blatantly removed. If you did not give permission, it was not a "guest post". And why would this person or persons go to such lengths to restore this information? And why reveal herself with a real name? Now everyone will know it. Admittedly, I don't care because this person claims to have purposefully data mined families information and then plastered it all over letters provided to government officials. Even if you hate the idea of "preidentified" adoption of children (or think it's illegal) are the parents to blame? I'm wondering if this is even a real person or a real name.