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Thursday, July 19, 2012

DC or Bust!

On Tuesday morning the kids and I loaded up the van for a marathon trip to Washington D.C. for the 40th annual National Down Syndrome Congress convention. 

Ok, I have had about 5 people tell me I'm crazing for taking my kids on this trip alone. Ummm really????? Who do you suppose takes care of these three every day? They go everywhere with me, so why not on a road trip? Ok, I will admit that two weeks ago I was kind of dreading the drive with four of us (and all our crap) crammed into the car! However a week ago Dean's car died on the side of the road so we finally bit the bullet and bought a van. Oh how I'm loving my Sienna! The kids are all spread out and it's awesome! 

Here we are, ready to pull out! (the van is no longer this clean or organized!) 

The first day we had trouble just GETTING out of town! Oh this drives me crazy when this happens. I just want to GO, not have one delay after another. Stop at the bank, stop to get gas, meet a friend for lunch, then GO already! LOL The first day with 11 hours of driving we only made it to Michigan City, Indiana, which is only around 450 miles. 

On Wednesday morning we got up early and ate breakfast, and were in the van by 8:00. I was so proud of myself for getting everyone moving and pretty much stress free. That was until we got on the freeway and I realized we should not BE in Michigan City and that I really didn't know where I was going. Unforunately at this very moment is when my GPS app decided it couldn't connect to the network and I had to drive by my internal compass for about 20 miles. This is never a good thing.

Finally we got going the right direction. We drove all the way to New Egypt, NJ, which is 739 miles. Yes, we nearly doubled our miles. Yes, we spent 15 hours on the road. (I think 3 hours of that was spent at pit stops.) The last of which was four straight hours without a stop. Yes, my kids were ready to bed done with the van!

And because they were such angels the day before (and they really were!) and because I promised them, although we didn't get to bed the night before until around 12:30, we were up at 7:00 and in the pool by 7:30. 

By 10:15 a.m. we were back in the van. Asher looked at me like I was flipping INSANE! We took our time getting up to D.C. and arrived around 3:00. I was ready for a nap! 

We spent the evening meeting up with old friends and now the kids are crashed in their beds. Tomorrow holds big fun and we're all really excited!


DandG said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to hear how they react to the conference. I'm surprised Angela wanted to sit in the back. My girls fight over who gets to sit in the front passenger seat.

Imogen said...

Fantastic! Your new van looks lush!

I hope tomorrow brings you all much fun :)

Did Angela get a haircut btw?

Emily said...

When did you cut her hair? It's cute but I like it long!