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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Something is wrong with our kids

All three of our youngest kids have some sort of virus. We have no idea what it is. Here are the symptoms:

1) exceptionally pleasant upon waking
2) offering to clean various things
3) voluntarily putting their dishes in the the same time...without arguing.
4) helping Asher with things without being asked.
5) going to bed when asked the first time. As if they wanted to.

We're pretty sure this is just a 24 hour bug and nothing to get too excited about. We're keeping a close eye on them to be sure it doesn't get any worse. Angela seems to have it worse than anyone, with Axel a very close second. I think Asher just has a light case, probably because he mostly watches everything they do and imitates it, so this virus would be no different, right?

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Imogen said...

Can we arrange a playdate? Not that I would want my daughter catching it or anything... ahem..!