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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter/Spring Break

Trying to catch up a little bit with this post, so lets go back to Spring Break which for us was the last week of March. The kids weren't very happy that I spent most of the week sick with strep (again! Know any adults who've had their tonsils out? Mine need to come out. YUCK!) so we did a lot of this:

And this (in pajamas!) 

And Dean did some more of this

Next up was my niece Tia's baby shower. So excited to see her first baby, a girl, arrive in just a few weeks. Angela was excited for an event that was only for "ladies" and not little girls. I bought this leather jacket eight years ago when I was skinny enough to wear it. Now, other than the sleeve length which needs to be shortened by about 5 inches, it fits Angela perfectly. 

Then came Easter. Because we weren't sure if the kitchen was going to be done in time, we were didn't decide until the last minute if we'd be having our Easter meal with Dean's family here or not. In the end we did host it, and had a really great time with everyone gathered in the new kitchen. We didn't decorate eggs this year, or even get around to buying the stuff for it, or even any candy!

This was the first time we've had a large group of people over since Asher joined our family. He wasn't sure what to make of it except that he was VERY excited and sure that everyone was there to pick him up! Every time someone came to the door he went running with his arms up, but everyone was very good about telling him no, and shaking his hand instead. Finally he stood in the middle of the room, arms up in the air as if to say, "Will someone please pick me UP already?" So I did, and he seemed happy with that. ;-)  Even though there was no easter egg hunt, and no candy, Dean's aunt brought scented bubbles for the kids. They had blast with their older cousins out in the yard blowing bubbles and generally being silly.

So, that was our Eater and Spring break all wrapped up into one post. Now it's time for summer, right?


Stephanie said...

Had my tonsils out at 27yo. OMG! Told my employer I'd be back on Monday as surgery was a Friday. She said her son had it done and she'd see me in 3 weeks. She was NOT kidding. Most miserable surgery I've ever done. The pain was unreal. Kids heal in no time. Adults...nope. That's why my surgeon said no matter what you do, please don't talk to anyone until AFTER surgery. However, afterwards, I have only gotten strep once in the last 13 years. So, it was worth it but be prepared. You will not be able to do a thing for a minimum of a week. I kid you not. After a week I could manage but still in excruciating pain. I know this all sounds horrible but you ask. LOL. Like I said though, very, very worth it. Stephanie

Melissa said...

agree with ^^. I've adult friends have their tonsils out and all were long recoveries. But if you need it done....

Leah S. said...

Yeah, you're both confirming what I've been told by my doctor. She said I'd "need help" at home for a minimum of a week, and that most adults are off work for a full 3 weeks. Yuck. I think I'm going to avoid this at all costs. Who has time for the mom to take a 3 week "vacation"? I have better ways to spend 3 weeks. LOL On to find good vitamin supplements and other stuff to boost my immune system.

Imogen said...

Goregous photos. Angela grows more lovely by the day - she looks very chic in her leather jacket! :)

Becky said...

I had my tonsils out three years ago and I was fine. My mom came and stayed with the kids the day of surgery so hubs could take me, and when I came home I crashed. She went home the next day (Saturday), hubs went back to work on Monday and I was on my own. My ears hurt (they had to dig in to get all the tonsil out so some of the nerves were exposed before healing, but as long as you take your meds and keep yourself hydrated and rest when you can, you will be just fine!
BTW I was 30 when I had them taken out. :)