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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

And old video

Wow, is my sense of time ever messed up. The title of this post would make one thing I had dug up an old video of Angela or something. Nope. Wrong. It's an "old" video of Axel. Yep, it's about 2 months old. I gauge time by two things now: When Asher came home and when the kitchen remodel started.

Speaking of which, did you know we're on day 76 of no kitchen? No that's not a typo, and no I'm not happy. I don't think it could have been avoided really, and we're within the timelines listed on any contract we signed so I can't even complain. But, you know, when some of the work was done by Dean, and he works a full-time job plus needed help with some things (and throw in Asher's surgery in there, days we had to be out of the house, yada yada yada) time adds up. But I'm so done. Done I tell ya! There has been another phenomenon at play as well, and maybe someday I'll blog about it.

Oh...the video. So anyway, this video was taken about 2 months ago. Caught in camera, the very first time Axel has drawn a person all on his own. (Ok, there is a some coaching going on!) Not only that, but he tells me a bit about them. Keep in mind that 15 months ago Axel's language level, both receptive and expressive, tested below 12 months - at 10 years old. So here he is, my amazing son. Wonder Boy Genius.

I have to tell you how thrilled I was to discover this video on my phone. You see, just a couple days after recording it, that paper Axel drew on found it's way between the blades of scissors and some project Axel and I were doing. I felt HORRIBLE that I'd cut up his first real picture. Now that I have a video I don't feel bad!


Lund7 said...

Wow! That was an amazing fun to see how well he communicates! Looking forward to seeing how he and Ricky get along during the upcoming track season!

Imogen said...

Love his drawing. LOVE his antics - that little dance he did with his big grin just totally melted my heart. I'm so glad you captured this moment. His drawing is just the bee's knees :)

Do any of the people in Axel's past have access to your blog? To see HOW far Axel has come (and Asher) - is beyond amazing. I believe every orphanage and institution should HAVE to watch videos like these, to really really know just how much potential there is in these precious children. Axel's language development alone, not to mention how he goes to school now and can do so many things...when I watch your videos (and others like it on other blogs) it makes me want to scream and shove it in the faces of those who allow such brilliant little minds and souls to languish in 'those places' with no stimulation or love or with any chance to realize their potential.

Again your blog has brought me to tears. But good, happy tears :) Bless you and your gorgeous family x x

Tijana said...

I just love this boy