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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Some pics I never posted

These are just random pics from the last few months that I never bothered to post.

Asher's 1st time finger painting at therapy.

Asher really enjoyed Angela's basketball tournament!

How could I not take a picture of this?

Remember when I was in school? We had to make a 3D model of the abdomen including all organs and vascular structure.

Axel's first time carving pumpkins.

Angela and a couple of her teammates at the state bowling tournament.

My most favorite person in the world.

Angela doing what Angela does best: Cheering for herself!

Still in Serbia. He was squawking at me. LOL (and yes, this IS the same boy finger painting in the pictures above!) 

One of our 22 visits at the orphanage in Serbia.

Angela right after her choir concert. How does her hair get messed up just standing on the risers??????

Asher loves the dogs.

Angela started back to OT and Speech this fall, only to drop out a couple months later. With all her other extra curricular activities, plus her general attitude about therapy, it just wasn't working so she "graduated". 

We had a really mild winter here, and I don't think we ever had more than a couple inches of snow on the ground at one time. (as apposed to last year when we had 6 feet!) This was one of the few times Asher got to see snow this year!

Asher trying to figure out why Axel finds these so fascinating.

Yes, he is a ham!

Angela's most recent choir concert. She stands in the back row so she can see over everyone else, but once she gets her feet on that riser, she's NOT moving, even to move down next to the other singers. Nope. Not. Moving! Look how TINY she is compared to everyone else!

Asher watching for Daddy to come home. Now he has a window seat in this spot, which he LOVES!

This was way back last fall when Angela went to the homecoming dance. (An enlightening experience for the mom!!!) Because she's so tiny (see the choir picture above) it was hard to find a dress that not only fit her but didn't look like a "little girl" dress. Have I mentioned Angela and dresses don't mix? She wasn't in the door of the dance 30 seconds and she was on the floor doing "the worm". Really. 

Asher's first experience with shaving cream. Kinda liked it!

Axel decorating his valentines. 


Hevel Cohen said...

Oh my, the funky hair picture is so very awesome! :D

Amy L said...

Beautiful family, adorable kids!:)
Angela looked so pretty in her prom dress. I love that color! My boys love to fingerpaint too. I hate the mess so we do it mostly in the summer out on the deck. :)

Lund7 said...

Dying to see the finished kitchen person!!

Cindy said...

Great pictures! I love the Homecoming dress, the crazy hair, the abdomen, Valentines... you have a fun family!