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Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Did You Get Here?

Once in awhile I like to look at the keyword searches people used to find my blog. Sometimes they're self-explanatory and sometimes they're quite funny! Occasionally they're downright CREEPY! So here are the keyword searches from this week:

Garden of Eagan: Pretty self explanatory, I think. Ok, so that brought 102 of you here this week. If you bookmark it, you won't have to google search it. ;-)

Narclopetic Insomniac: Really, this does exist, and yes, I've posted about it! LOL This has been the number one keyword search for my blog for three years, so clearly I am not the only person who has this! If that's you, welcome to my world!

Palate Expander: Yes, we have been there/done that. It was a no-go for Angela. Usually people are coming to find out what the thing looks like.

What does the esophagus look like?: Really it's quite odd. If you ask Angela what it is, she will go into a big long description of the tube in her throat that brings the food to her tummy, and how hers doesn't work right.

Zipper Merging: Most Minnesotans have NO CLUE what this is, and it shows! Seriously, if you're from Minnesota and you've never heard this term before, I've probably hollered not-so-nice comments to you under my breath while driving through construction zones!

Hom Furniture Complaints: This ranks number 14 in the most-searched terms on my list. Seriously, if that many people are looking for this, that might tell Hom Furniture they need to change some things! And my opinion? Don't shop there!

Does the Quick Grow with the Nail? I think you're looking for this post, and Umm yes it does.

Kids EEG: Oh, yes, fun huh? Here's a video of Angela explaining it. (and you can see the returned entertainment center from Hom furniture in the background! LOL)

Here are some fun ones!

"choose your words carefully, anything you say may be thrown back at you". Ummm yeah! Especially if you said something offensive!

"How did they make the antler for Grinch's dog Max?": Well I don't know how they did it for the movie, but we made ours with fabric, wire and fiberfill! Sorry, I don't have a picture of it. :-(

"What have I brought on myself?": That is a very good question! Do tell!

"Tiny hole in tooth": Time to head to the dentist!

"I was in bed, suddenly I heard a thump.": Ummm.....RUN! Run for your life!

"Holy buckets": Yes, I do say this alot, in place of words that aren't ok on a pg-13 blog, but in reality holy buckets don't work very well.

And are you ready for the SCARY stuff????

Well, I can't post them because they would draw the same creepy traffic! Just know there are a lot of people out there who's computers should be searched, and it's too bad Google Analytics doesn't give you IP addresses!

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Becca said...

Ahhh...but you CAN get IP addresses from SiteMeter (see the teeny tiny little box at the very, very bottom of my blog). Unfortunately, as in the case of my Brazilian stalkers, you can't *block* IP addresses in Blogger. :-(

Glad you're able to figure out how some of those keyword searches found you! I haven't gotten any creepy ones yet, luckily. :-)