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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Have you heard of Squinkies? Apparently Angela has! She came home from school on Tuesday talking about the, except that I had NO CLUE what she was saying! Surely I was misunderstanding her. It wasn't until a friend of mine called, and could hear Angela in the background and clarified it for me that I was brought up to speed.

All you parents of kids in the elementary age demographic, I hope you're paying attention! Squinkies are the hottest, must-have toy on the market right now, and if your kid is left out, it's all your fault.

Like most hot toys, these little guys come in various series, adding to the collecting frenzy among kids who must have every one. Of course, no collector toy would be complete without accessories!

There is the Gumball Surprise Playhouse
And the Cupcake Surprise Bakeshop

and of course, no Squinkie collection would be complete without the Squinkies Palace Surprise where you can proudly display ALL your Squinkies!


Cindy said...

I read somewhere that the popularity from these have come from 'mommy bloggers'. I guess my kids are too old because I'd never heard of them!

Hevel said...

I can't believe I actually ordered Squinkies from the States for my daughter... Thanks to your post. :D