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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

School started and I Was Late

So today was the first day of school. Because I'm a fantastic mom, I got Angela to school 5 minutes late on the very first day. In my defense, we were running late because one of her ear molds for her hearing aids fell out, and those rubbery little things bounce like super balls! I couldn't find it anywhere, and since we just got them fixed not FOUR DAYS AGO, I wad NOT going to leave until we found it! So here I am crawling around on the kitchen floor, putting my eye at floor level cuz you can see things better that way, when my eye sees Roman (Miniature Poodle) laying, looking at me with it in his mouth like, "You looking for this?"  Good boy Romie!

Not only that, but I didn't even get a "first day of school" picture because it was so windy here that I figured Angela's face wouldn't be visible anyway because all you'd see is her arms trying to keep her hair out of her face. Seriously, I think there was a hurricane mistakenly stuck over the state of Minnesota today, because that's almost the kind of winds we had. It was that bad. No really.

So what did I do with my first day off?


Well, not REALLY nothing, but nothing that you can SEE, so it seems like I did nothing, and I hate that. No, I spent the entire morning on the phone making adoption related phone calls, trying to track down documents that haven't arrived to their assigned destinations at their approximated times, etc. Then I returned a couple puppy related phone calls. Oh, and I hunted for a car online, because as of this morning I still didn't have one, and did I mention I was driving Angela to school in my father-in-law's van and they needed it back tonight and how was I gonna get Angela to school  tomorrow???? Oh yeah, I could take her on my motorcycle (she rides in my sidecar) but that doesn't work so well when rain is in the forecast. And,  lets not forget the fact I haven't ridden it for a month because it needs a break job and (my friends will gasp at this) I put the adoption before my motorcycle (insert gasp here) and since my bike needs a break job I have parked it until probably next season when I am not shelling out money every time I blink. So, that is why I when I wasn't on the phone (and sometimes when I was) I spent part of my first day of school car shopping online.

So by the time Angela came in the door at 3:15, and here I was with the phone still on my ear, I was kinda in shock. I mean, I had grand plans for today. Like, I was gonna go get coffee with someone today, maybe. Or, now that Dean is back to work (he lost his job on July 4th) I was gonna go to the "Y" and get my membership re-established and start working out again. I did none of those things. What I DID do was important, they just weren't visible in the house.

Shortly after Angela got home, so did Dean, and the three of us loaded in the car to visit our favorite car dealer to find a car for me. We've been there three times in the last two weeks. (long story) and not found what we wanted that fit our price range. Finally, 10 minutes before they closed, we found a car, bought it and were out the door and happily eating dinner in a nearby cafe not 15 minutes later.

When we got home at 8:30 we still had to turn around and bring the van back to Dean's dad's. Poor Angela was exhausted but running on overdrive so was really wound up. She is very annoying to be in the car with when she's like this! Lucky for me Dean wanted to drive the new car and I got to drive in the!

Except that on the way home I remembered that I never made it to the drug store to pick up Angela's medication refills, and without her seizure meds, NONE of us were going to be sleeping tonight, so we had to make that stop too.............sigh..........

By the time we got home it was 10:00. Miss Priss is going to be tired in the morning!

I promise to get her to school on time tomorrow! Alarms are set, dogs have been fed, and "last outs" are done. I'm ready for bed myself, except that tonight I know I won't be sleeping much. If you haven't visited my adoption blog today, there is a very big meeting happening tonight which is already tomorrow in Ianna's country.

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Todd Davis said...

So what kind of car did you end up getting? Oh, and have you considered doing the brake job on the bikes yourself? I just got sick of the BS from our local Harley Stealer, and decided to do a stage one upgrade on my bike all by myself. (New pipes, re-jet the carb, new air cleaner). If I can do that - you can do brakes! :)

LOve to everyone!