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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thanks, but no thanks

Sarah Palin proved my point! Last week, when she bowed to Rush Limbaugh, and said it's ok to use the word Retard in satire, I said, "She's going to be singing a different tune when it's her OWN kid being made fun of."

So, "The Family Guy" didn't use that word, but they certainly poked fun at her son Trig. And now, the words of her song have changed.

Funny how that happens.

I'm sorry Sarah, but for me, you weren't able to redeem yourself with this one. Your words from last week stung too much. Last week you weren't willing to stand up for the rest of us. No, you weren't willing to do that until it was YOUR kid being made fun of. You'll have to do and say a lot more for the rest of us before you'll earn my respect back.

Here's my question which has nothing to do with SP. The speech of the character that is supposed to have Down syndrome was very much...umm....I guess I want to use the word "authentic", like a person with DS did the voiceover. Who in their right mind would allow their child with DS to do that? Ok, so maybe it was an adult with DS who has made her own choice to do the job. Did she understand the joke? Did realize she was using her entire DS community as a punching bag? Or was it just another job and a paycheck, and it doesn't really matter?

The whole thing makes me angry.


Jane "mom to the grumpy family" said...

Well my dear friend....... some day we will all have to get used to the fact that not all parents of children with disabilties agree with us......... and yes it was an actress with DS who did the voice over

(IT WAS THE VOICE THAT got me down off the ladder and to check out what was on ...... I knew it had to be a young woman with ds they were trying to play)

I still think the bigger message of chris telling her she is not "happy" or "special" she is just like us...... was really a good one wrapped up in a bag of crap (and Melea had just thrown her ice cream on the floor at dinner for exactly the same reason......... and so it was really funny to me)

Anonymous said...

do you have a link to the Family Guy bit you're referring to?

Michelle Z said...

For Family Guy, I thought it was pretty restrained - and I did like that she was, "just like everyone else" even if that made her bossy - she played a 'realistic' teenager.

And they used people first language, which I was thankful for.

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

Yes Leah, the voice over was a young woman with Ds.

JennyH said...

I didn't watch it but walked in while my hubby was watching it. I figured it would all be in bad taste so I didn't bother. Do you remember when Peter was "retarded" the entire show?

Maybe this one is still on the DVR....

Alyssa said...

I must say I thought the Family Guy epsidoe was kinda funny...I liked that the girl had some attitude and I thought she did great. I guess I didn't see it as being offensive to me or my daughter. Just me tho. :) Palin on the other hand i don't like and she is not a good person to represent "our" kids.