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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little bit of Katchup

Ok, really I'm playing catch up, because I'm way behind! I have some long-overdue pictures and just some general updates.

Floor hockey is well underway for Angela, and she's loving it.

Messing with Angela while she's carrying a hockey stick probably isn't a very good idea, as has been discovered by a couple of her teammates. Leave it to my kid to be "the kid with a disability that is too difficult for the coaches of kids with disabilities to handle." Angela can no longer be at practice unless she has 1:1 supervision. ......sigh.....In their defense, there are only one coach for every 12 students. There is also lot of waiting around for players to get their turn, something that is very difficult for Angela. She is also one of the youngest player on the team, (they range from 7th - 12th grade) and she is BY FAR the smallest. I'm sure with some maturity, she'll do a little better every year. In Angela's defense, game nights make for a very long day for her! Its hard to see in this picture, but see the kid on the right? She's SOUND ASLEEP!

The GAMES, however, are a HOOT!!! I have lots of videos, but I need to put a soundtrack over them, because right now all you can hear is some highly competitive mother screaming, "Get the PUCK Angela! Run FAST! GET IT! Angela...LOOK ...AT... THE... PUCK!"

Yeah, I'll get right on that editing.

In other news, we're waiting to hear if Roman will be chosen for a commercial. Several of my friends' dogs have been used by a local company, as the facility I train for is well connected with a local animal talent agency. My dogs have been been asked to audition several times but have never made the cut. Anyway, they were looking for a "small, scruffy dog" able to do a specific task, which means I need Roman to learn a new skill between now and Tuesday, so...yeah....I'll get right on that too.

There's a little guy named Jaxson, and he's had a rough time in his short life. His mom started Blankie's for Babes, which is a wonderful ministry, giving kids with chronic illness a little hug from Jaxson that they can take with them to the hospital, or hold when times are tough. Jaxson sent Angela a lovely blanket, with stripes on one side, and soccer balls on the other. It arrive last week, right after one of her floor hockey games. She LOVES her blanket, and has been sleeping with it every night!

School is going well for me this semester! Although I'm taking more credits than last semster (I'm taking 12 right now) I have almost NO homework! My math class, the one I was most worried about, allows plenty of time to complete the work in class. I've gotten 100% on my first two tests! WOOT WOOT! My composition class...well...we've been in class for 5 full weeks now, and have done ONE paper. We go to class every day and and do next to nothing. It really feels like a waste of time and money. But hey, it's 3 easy credits I guess! We will be doing three other papers, plus a persuasive research paper, but based on how the class is currently run, those will all end up coming due in the last week of the semester or something!

Most of you have probably seen my post for the fundraiser for Connecting the Rainbow, which is being hosted by Beyond Play. We're SO EXCITED for our upcoming trip! Well, of course Shelley is picking up her new little guy to bring him home to his new family, but we'll also be meeting and working with the families in Bulgaria who have chosen to keep their children at home! This is HUGE for them! We're anxious to bring them the supplies and information they need to raise their children. And, just in case none of this sounds exciting enough, we're adding another leg to our trip, and will be spending a couple of days in Serbia for some meetings there.

Some of you were kind enough to vote for me in the Food Network's "Worst Cook" photo contest. Thank you so much for taking the time to pop over there! You'll be happy to know I won the voting portion of the contest. I'm not sure what comes next, so we'll just wait and see!

Well, I think that should have me about caught up now. I miss hanging out on my blog. I only get on facebook a few minutes each day. Hard to believe that come June, I'll be half way through school!


NDMom said...

Leah, Loved reading this update! Your Angela and my Grace seem to have a lot in common. One day, I'll elaborate, but suffice it to say that Grace with a stick would be a force to be reckoned with!

LOVE the picture of her sleeping! That made me smile!

You are one busy mama! Glad to have "met" you and to be working with you on CTR! Exciting times!

My name is Sarah said...

Angela is that you behind that mask? Wow, you go girl. Love it. Oh I really like your Blanket for Babes. I have one too. How cool is that.

Christine said...

Great post. ALways nice to read updates. I am so proud of you about those tests! Way to go!