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Monday, February 15, 2010

Really? NOT!

Honestly, these stories make me sick to my stomach. For real! I look at the pictures and my stomach churns. I'm sorry, but "men" don't have vaginas, nor do they have a uterus. They also don't need to have their breasts removed! Stop calling HER ...HIM!!!!!

I totally UNDERSTAND gender reassignment surgery. But either you want to be a man, or you don't. Make up your mind! So you've taken all the hormones so you can grow facial hair. You've had your breast tissue removed. Why do you still have a uterus? Why do you still have a vagina? I thought you were a "man"? Hmmmm a REAL MAN would have had the guts to get rid of all the parts he didn't need.

And don't come back with "I need then because I want to have a baby." See, God made it so that WOMEN needed uterus, and MEN need a penis. Did you skip that part? So you're somehow confused, weather it be psychologically or biologically, and you fix that problem with the reassignment process. But fix it ALL THE WAY!

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