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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

It was almost 7 years ago. A first date of "just drinks" turned into hours of talking about everything under the sun. I'll never forget sitting next to you that first time, feeling like I was talking to my best friend. It was so comfortable. So easy. So right.

When it was time to say our goodbyes and I walked to my car, I passed a bike parked near the restaurant door. I noted all the chrome, and Screaming Eagle pipes. It looked like it fit you, and I hoped it was yours. If it was, it was one more point for you on my mental checklist.

A few days later you called, and asked if I wanted to get together again. We played lots of pool, and took a ride on that very same bike I'd seen that first night. I was comfortable riding with you, and it felt like we fit together on your bike, "just right". At one stoplight you reached back and gave my leg a biker hug, causing me to my heart to glow.

It wasn't long before I realized I had, indeed, met my best friend. Loving you came easy, being away from you was hard. Still, with all the mistakes I'd made in the past, I knew I needed the approval of my family before I could give my heart full reign. When there were no doubts in the minds of my parents (or brothers' and sister's!) there were no doubts in mine either. I allowed myself to say those words. I allowed myself to think of something beyond tomorrow.

You've loved me, and you've loved my children. You've been there for me in some rough times, and have been my rock when things just felt too overwhelming. You've shared my joys, my sorrows, and my indecisiveness, and my attempts to find myself as I hit the next phases of my life.

I love you more today than I did on our wedding day, and I have no doubt I will love you more tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day Sweets!


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