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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing up

(edited to ad: If anyone can tell me how my text at the bottom of this post go so screwed up, I'd appreciate it! LOL)

We're trying very hard to grow out Angela's hair, and get rid of the "little girl" look. Because of her size (or lack of it) most people think she's much younger than she is. Even with her braces and pimples. LOL Today was back-to-school day, and everyone thought she was a 6th grader, which she was quite insulted by! LOL "No! I'm a 7th grader! Duh!" (we're trying to get rid of the "duh" from her vocabulary, as it's quite rude, but I think it's ingrained into her. LOL) 

Anyway, growing out her bangs is a pain in the neck. But, I just can't get over how much she's changed! Here's a picture from 2 1/2 years ago:


and here's one from today

Who knows what possessed me to cut her bangs off again a couple years ago, but I'm paying for it now as we grow them out yet again! LOL I have to be honest
some of these changes do not thrill me. One of them being her weight. Some of this is typical for girls with DS, but not all of it. Girls with DS don't HAVE to be heavy,
but there are other genetics besides the extra 21st chromosome at work as well! But, in all honesty, she was not anywhere near as active as she should have been
this summer. In fact, she only swam a handful of times all summer! Not enough to burn what she needs to burn. But, middle school brings a whole new range of
opportunities! One of them is Dakota United, and adaptive rec. league that has various sports throughout the school year. This is part of the state high school league
and the compete against schools in the metro area. Then there is Special Olympics, AND swimming. We're going to work the poor kids tail off, literally! LOL
I know it seems like a lot. But, you have to remember, Angela is the only kid left at home. There is nobody to play with here, except Dean and I, and we are getting old! LOL
We are not the greatest of playmates anymore. Doing Special Olympics, and the rec league, (oh, and she's also joined an area youth group for teens and adults with disabilities!)
all of these things keep her active and connected with friends. They also keep her busy out in the community, and not sitting in front of the TV like she'd prefer. We just have to
play it by ear about how much she can do at once. Really, if she has one activity after school each day is plenty!

This year will be a little more difficult for her though. I think. Not sure I guess. Angela is on shortened days as school. Last year she went at the same time as everyone else
then came home early. She was able to take a nap (sometimes as long as 2 hours!) before her afternoon activities started. This year she's still on shortened days
but she's going LATE (not till 10:00!) and coming home at the same time as everyone else, or getting on the bus for adaptive rec. So she'll get to sleep in each morning
the lucky little duck! But, nothing is set in stone, and everything within her schedule can be adjusted where it needs to be. Don't you wish your schedule
was that flexible??? LOL


Molly C said...

Tell Angela I feel her pain! I'm 21. A senior in college. and yet the majority of people think I'm 16. hehe. It'll be good when we're 30!

Shea said...

Tell her duh is something 6th graders say lol. She really has grown up, hasn't she?

tink said...

I a 51 one year old who doesn't look it...GO FOR IT ANGELA!!! Downs Syndrome or never want to look as old as you really are and some day, like most women everywhere, you will appreciate the fact you don't look your age!!! YAY YOU!!!!!