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Friday, August 14, 2009


I've only seen this show a couple of times, and somehow tonight it's on my t.v.

What person, in his right mind, would marry women like the two portrayed tonight. They don't have one iota of respect for ANYONE...not one single person in their lives...much less the man they supposedly love! Honestly, you can see FEAR in their eyes when their darlings are shrieking demands at them. They don't honestly think these marriages are going to work, do they? Don't they realize all they're going to be is sperm donors, destined to pay child support for a good chunk of their adult lives? 

If this show's premise was reversed, and it was a man behaving the same way towards his future spouse, the show wouldn't even be on the air because it's abusive. But, I guess if it's the woman dishing it out, it makes for good humor, and thus good television.



Courtney said...

I agree with you completely (and I've only ever seen the commercials!). I detest this trend in reality TV to glorify horrible behavior. Ick.

Courtney said...

It is fake....I did a little, like many of the other
"reality" shows are scripted,rehearsed and the behavior is coerced. STUPID show! I am sure however that there are people like this out there! Wouldn't surprise me at all! Everyone is trying to get their 15 minutes of fame and as this show progresses the behavior gets more and more bizarre! People risk looking abusive and crazy just to be the next William Chung, or Tila Tequila!DUMB!