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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last week, I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something most women my age have long since given up. 

Yep, I joined  a mom's soccer league through our local YMCA. 

I know, I'm nuts, and I discovered this was true last week on Thursday. 

You see, we started playing on Wednesday.  We had teams of 5 people, so we were able to play 4 on 4, and let one person sit out a few minutes. You know, so they could breathe and stuff. We could also rotate into goalie, so there were TWO opportunities to sit out.

I sat out a lot, but I also played a lot. I know, because all my clothes (socks, underwear, bra, shirt and work-out pants) were all soaking wet. This is proof that I actually DID play.

On Thursday I had proof that I was nuts because when my alarm went off Thursday morning, I couldn't move. It was like my arm wasn't attached to my body, except that it was screaming in pain and stiffness. I was so sore, that I skipped my Thursday step class, something that I haven't missed since my case of food poising a few weeks ago. Actually, I've been working out 6 days a week for a couple of months now, and I'm feeling AWESOME.

Except for the day after soccer.

But we had A LOT of fun! I've never heard so many "Oh, I'm sorry!" or high pitched squealing on a soccer field, until last week when this group of moms took to the grass. I'm sure for any outsider watching it would have been hilarious.

So today is Wednesday again. And the grass was wet. As soon as we stepped on the field I remembered I had forgotten to go buy myself some soccer cleats. 

And shin guards.

I made a couple really nice goals, one of them while I was about to have a heart attack from having run the length of the field. (Did I mention we shortened our field a little bit? LOL) Another that I made included a very long stretch in order to get my toe to the ball. Yup, that was a groin injury waiting to happen! There goes "date night" tonight!

Even with sore muscles, bruised shins, and a sore groin that is going to make tonight's motorcycle ride nearly impossible, it is TONS OF FUN!!!! We could sure use more players though! So, if you're a member of the Southwest Y in Eagan, and you have an hour Weds mornings, come join us! It's just a bunch of moms, several who've never played before, and we're just there to get a good workout. How good you ask? Today the instructor's calorie counter said 680 after one hour of playing! That's an awesome workout!


Monica said...

Leah, I think it's awesome that you joined this!! Sounds like fun!!

JennyH said...

I think I may have dead on the field! Good for you though! Sound fun.