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Monday, May 04, 2009


This post will be told in the voice of Rubee. (Rubee talks kind of like Eeyore, by the way, and moves a little like him as well.)

Ohhh, I heard mom pull in. All those other obnoxious dogs are in their kennels, but not me. I'm not obnoxious. I decided to go  say hi to her at the door.

Hi Mom! 

"Hi Rubee girlie. Whatchya do'in? Wanna come out front with me? "

Oh, I get to go out front? On the driveway? Oh I love you Mom! 

Aaaahhhh the sunshine. I miss the driveway. When it was just me here, the driveway was my favorite spot to lay in the sun. I could sleep there all day and nobody would bother me. When I had that first litter of puppies I would bring them out here to play, then show them how nice it is to just lay in the sun. One time Mom came outside and said it looked like a yard-full of dead puppies, because they were all sleeping so nice on the driveway.

Dudley got to stay with me, and soon Zurri came along too, then Roman. But last year, when the fence went up, was the end of my napping in the sun on the driveway. 

Oh well. Today is another day. 

Mom came and gave me a scratch behind the ears, "You wanna lay out here Rubee? Ok, you can lay out here for little while. At least I know you won't wander off like the other dogs. Have a nice nap old girl." 

I slowly walked around, sniffing for just the right place to lay down. Aaah...that's it. On my side is best......sigh......  

There was the tiniest of breezes blowing, and on it the faintest of scentsl? I got up to sniff in the grass. Myy back was a little itchy so I rolled around a bit to scratch it. sniff sniff....

I looked around. Mom wasn't outside anymore. sniff sniff Well, I decided I was gonna go check out that smell. I sniffed around the driveway, which lead me down to the mailbox. I looked back up the hill. Nope, no Mom. I sniffed a little by the neighbor's mailbox, then I lifting my nose to the air, I cought the scent floating by. mmmmmmmmmmmmm I crossed the street, and headed up into the woods, following the heavenly scent of rotting rabbit.

Ahah! Found it! Won't Mom love to see what I found? I give it a couple of licks, but something has already picked the ribs clean. All that was left was the head, spine and tail. That's ok, even Rabbit fur smells lovely. 

I walked home slowly, carrying the rabbit, loving how it felt as it swayed back and forth in rythm to my slow walk. I don't know when I started walking slow, but I really don't feel the need to rush at all anymore.

I finally make it back up the driveway, and there was Mom. Her hands were on her hips. Shoot, that usually means she's not happy. "Rubee, where did you go, and what do you have? Oh Rubee....DROP IT! Ish!!! ISH ISH ISH! Yuck Rubee! Why do you have to go get stuff like that? And, where did you go to get it? 

I spit the rabbit onto the ground, just like mom told me. I wagged my tail a little bit, and looked from the rabbit, to Mom, and back again. Hoping she wouldn't be mad and let me keep it. I would love to lay in the sun and chew on that for awhile. I might even share it with Roman, or Zurri if she's nice. I'll even let Dudley have a piece.

Mom went and got a shovel, then another, and scooped the rabbit up, dumping it into the garbage can, all the while saying things like, "Ish!" and "Gross", and "Rubee yuuuuuck!"

Mom looked at me, "Sorry Rubee. I know you wanted to lay on the driveway, but I thought you would stay in the yard. I guess not. To the backyard you go. Sorry old girl."

That's ok, there's good spots to lay in the sun in the back yard too.


Randy and Sheila said...

Our porch is a haven for the neighborhood cat. He loves to lay on our front swing in the sun and watch the birdies in the garden. At least, he is no longer bringing us gifts - I guess he decided that we could feed ourselves.:)

Courtney said...

Awww speaking of Dogs...why don't you make a post about housetraining. We got a puppy...yeah...HELP!