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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wheres my camera when I need it?

Today was the state Special Olympics bowling tournament, AND...Angela got to bowl! She was able to pull herself together enough to not only make it through two games and the mayhem that is called "getting awards", but she made it through a baby shower too! LOL

Angela was so very excited to be using her brand new ball. You'll never believe how tiny the finger holes are in this thing. The guy who drilled them said they were the smallest holes they make. I can't even get my fingertips into them. LOL

Angela ended up getting 3rd place in her division. If she hadn't fouled FOUR times, she probably would have gotten 1st or 2nd. I tried to explain the foul line to her, but she just gave me the "talk to the hand" sign and walked away. (and she was down in the bowling area where parents aren't allowed to go during tourneys. Little stinker!) So her coach explained it to her, and the very next frame she marched up to the line, and then took a 1/2 step back, and was very careful not to cross it during her celebratory dance either. LOL

I wish I had my camera! Soon though. Soon I'll have a new one and can get back to posting pictures with each post.

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