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Friday, November 07, 2008

Quick Prayers Please!

You may remember back in September when Angela had this mysterious hip pain, which included a high fever. It turned out to be a really bad Urinary Tract Infection. Angela is very susceptable to UTI's, but this was the first time she'd had hip pain, AND this really high fever with it.

Usually when she has a UTI, her first symptoms are bed wetting. Now, most people would think that would be my clue to take the kid in for a Urinalysis. (UA) However, I've learned over the years that if we have it done to early, it comes up clear. And so we wait until there has been two weeks of bedwetting, which means I spend a lot of time laundering bedding!!!

Her next symptom of illness is becoming extremely aggressive. Usually if this happens, within 2 days she'll be in the doctor's office with some kind of illness requiring antibiotics. However, the bedwetting and the aggression don't always go hand in hand.

Well, two or three days ago she started wetting the bed again, but I attributed it to the weird sleep pattern she's now in because she's on prednisone for a respiratory infection. Silly me. A WEEK ago she became really aggressive, but I attributed THAT to the respiratory infection the has which is why she's on the prednisone. So, when she got REALLY aggressive yesterday (I'm talking I the "I wish our windows were plexi-glass and that there was a way to protect the plasma TV" kind of aggression), I thought it was from the prednisone, as irritability is one of the side effects. I know...I know..much easier to see the problem from outside the box, isn't it?

So, this afternoon we went to pick up her new glasses, and we had just stepped across the threshhold of the store when she DEMANDED someone show her where the bathroom is....NOW! So we make our way through the basement of the store, through their storage room, and into this teeny tiny bathroom, where she starts sobbing and says, "Oh mom! My hip hurts!"

If you know Angela well, you know she never cries real tears, and if she does you'd better be calling an ambulance or something! So here she sat, sobbing away, and white as a sheet. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!!!!

We get home, but now it's 5:30, too late to get her into the doctor's office. I called the answering service and was lucky to find that our ped. is the one on call tonight. She called in an order for an antibiotic. THANK GOODNESS!

So the prayers? Angela has her state Special Olympics bowling tournament tomorrow!! Oh man, she can't miss this! Please pray that the antibiotics kick in quickly. They usually do, but I don't remember them working overnight!

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