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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted, did you?

I am so very glad to be putting this election behind us. It's been miserable, hasn't it? I won't miss the phone calls every evening reminding me not only to vote, but who to vote for and why. I think the calls should be illegal. Does anyone actually listen to the whole call? I had a call from the RNC the other day and the guy accidentally ended his sentence with, "So don't forget to check the democtatic...I mean I mean republican candidates."

Mostly, I'm ready to be done with the mud slinging and arguing. In the past 2 weeks I haven't seen ONE commercial that wasn't a negative ad about the other candidate. No more "vote for me because" ads. No, those were done weeks ago. Instead it's the "don't vote for Joe, because Joe is planning to blow up the world next week!" type of ad. UGH!

Sadly, this election has brought out a side of people I never knew existed. I have some pretty passionate online friends, and I've seen them engage in conversations and arguments (they weren't debates, they were arguments!) that were not only shocking, but made me really question the integrity of some of the people. Clearly they've shown only one side of theirselves all the years I've been talking to them, and this election brought out the side they've had tucked away. I can't say that I've seen one single online debate stay nice and on topic. No, they've all been awful.

Today I went to get my hair cut, and was wearing my "I voted" sticker. The young stylist asked me, "So, who did you vote for?" (She's young remember...early 20's tops.) I told her, "You know, I won't even discuss politics with my husband, but I'll gladly discuss religion with you if you'd like!"


datri said...

Well, I took a Downsyn break because I was just getting frustrated with everything. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow.

Lora Leigh said...

Amen! I voted last Thursday and have since been thinking, "Ok, I did my part, now get it over with!"