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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

busy busy busy

Wow, life is REALLY busy right now! This week is "tech week" for the play. Saturday and Sunday were full-day rehearsals as we got all the lighting cues worked out. Last night was our first rehearsal in costume, and tonight is full-dress. Meaning make-up, costumes, everything. It's like the real thing. Tomorrow's rehearsal is open to friends and family, and Thursday's rehearsal is open to some senior group. Friday is opening night.

Although we didn't have to be in make-up last night, I was. You see, I play an crabby old lady, which means I have to do a lot of prep work to my face. The director also wanted me to mess around with a wart on my face, so yesterday I was in full make-up.

Yesterday morning I went shopping for make-up to make me wrinkle and age. Once I'd paid for the necessary supplies I felt like a kid who'd just gotten a new toy and couldn't wait to get home to play with it! It takes about an hour and a half to age my face and then put make-up over the top of it. AND, if your skin is still young and has good cologen, it's tough to get good wrinkles! Yesterday I discovered that my face is still in great shape! But, by the time I finished I looked like I'd been smoking for a hundred years. LOL The first time I did it, I fiddled with the laytex too much and it started peeling off, so I had to peel my entire face and start over. OUCH! The latex hurts coming off (especially the eyelids.) if you don't use spirit gum remover.

The director really liked how I did my make-up, and particularly my warts! But during last night's rehearsal I did discover I need to attach my warts differently, as one of them started coming off and threatened to make it's escape during the street scene. LOL The little girl who plays opposite me doesn't really like to make eye-contact with people, but it's really important for this scene, so last night I told her, "Ok, tonight you have to look at my warts, and tomorrow night you have to FIND the wart, cuz it's going to be in a different place!"

Yep, the director and I decided to have some fun with this a little bit, and have a "traveling" wart. The kids get to guess where the wart is going to be each night. LOL This ought to prove interesting with 24 performances! (I listed 19 the other day, but forgot we have several days that have double performances.'s a long run!)

This morning I have one eyelid that is pretty puffy from the make-up removers and stuff. I got some in my eye last night and ended up going to bed with a cold compress on my eyes so they'd stop watering and hopefully not swell. Right about now I'm thinking of going back to bed for a bit this morning, then I have to go weigh in at Jenny Craig (I'm still loosing!) so I can come home and start the transformation process again. If I can get my video camera charted and set up in a good spot I'll try to take some still shots of the process.

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