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Monday, March 10, 2008

What's New With the Queen?

Many of you have emailed to ask what's new with Angela? To be honest, I'm having a really hard time writing anything positive right now. Her behavioral issues have been off the charts since we came back from our trip. Actually, the trip itself wasn't so smooth as far as behavior goes but it's continued to get worse.

About 2 weeks ago we decided it's time for a medication change. The only problem is we have to start the new one and get it to maintenance level and THEN start decreasing the old one. That means that now she goes from crabby to very sedated and sleeping. UGH! Poor kid! We've had to miss a few things (like her favorite last night, agility) because she's just too sleepy. Her behavior is improving some. I just can't wait until we're done with the change.

Last week she was able to go downhill skiing for the first time, which she absolutely LOVED!!! This was a 5th grade field trip, and the adaptive P.E. teacher went along. She told me there are lots of great pictures so I'm waiting for her to send them. Angela even rode the chair lift, which confirmed that it was a good thing I didn't go along! LOL

The Special Olympics area swim meet is coming up soon, and she's looking forward to that! Can you believe it? The same kid who in September wouldn't put her face in the water can now swim 20 meters unassisted. That may not seem far to some, and she still has a long way to go before she's doing a regular freestyle (she's doing pretty much a dog paddle right now) but still she's made major progress!


Kathy said...

Yay for Angela and her swimming!! I'm sorry her meds sitch is so cumbersome.

Christina said...

Hope that you can get her behaviors back on track and WTG with the swimming, that's awesome.

Laurie said...

Way to go Queen Angela! that's a lot of swimming progress in a short amount of time.

Praying things even out soon with the med change. Changes are so hard with meds.