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Saturday, March 01, 2008

More on Big, the OTHER one

I'm talking about THE "Big Brother". The one that watches over us all, only I really didn't realize how much! Last night I was reminded if an incident that happened a couple months ago.

Angela and I were on our way home from play rehearsal, which is about 30 miles away in Hudson, WI. It was late evening and we were on the 3 lane interstate when I ended up in the center lane behind a car that was weaving all over the place. He weaved 1/2 way into the right lane, then back to the center then slowly 1/2 way over into the left lane, and continued on that way.

I pulled out my trusty cell to call the state patrol to report the erratic driving. They asked my mile marker, and to describe the car w/license plate (as I tried to read the plate it occurred to me my vision might be getting worse. LOL) They asked me to stay on the phone and stay behind him, letting them know if he exited, of if he does anything else unusual.

After about 2 minutes the dispatcher says to me, "Did you just turn your blinker on to move to the left lane?"

Me: Ummmm....yeah?
Dispatcher: You're in the Suburban, right? Is it Silver or beige?
Me: Beige kinda.
Dispatcher: Yep, I see you.

I'm thinking? You SEE ME?

Me:(after about 15 miles) "They guy is exiting now on .....road. Holy cow! He just went way over the curb! Good thing it was a low one!"
Dispatcher, "Yeah, I saw that!"

So I followed the guy into a McDonalds drive through.
Dispatcher: Once he goes around the corner of the building, he'll be out of my sight. Can you park on the other side? I have a patrol next door in a car lot but he won't be able to see the car until it's on the street, BUT he can see your headlights, so just flash them as the car gets ready to pull onto the street.

This whole thing amazed me. They were able to watch our every move with the exception of the few minutes we were waiting for him to go through the drive-through. How freaky is that? I kept looking around for a helicopter or something, but didn't see anything. LOL Finally I asked, "WHERE are the cameras?"

Dispatcher: Wouldn't you like to know?


Kathy said...

cameras, or satellites? reminds me of the movie Enemy of the State with Will Smith.

Kathie Brinkman said...

that is freaky!!! So where are the camera?

JennyH said...

That is very weird!

Kelley said...

Hi Leah, I hope all is going well at your house. I noticed you haven't been on in awhile; only a couple of time since you guys got back from my neck of the woods in Florida. I don't know if I mentioned that I got the link to your blog from the Cornish blog, but I check everyday to see how things are going at your house. Reading about your family, your triumphs and your challenges has touched me. Hope all is well with Tyler too, and that Angela is adjusting to his being gone. Also, how are things going with your FAB study? Just wanted you to know someone was thinking about you. Hope to see an update soon.
Blessings to you,