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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Big Brother Doesn't Know

I have one of the biggest smiles I've ever had on my face at this very moment. Why? Because finally someone is going to feel the consequences of using the "R" word on national television. Remember this post?

From the New York Post

February 27, 2008 -- THE "Big Brother" contestant who stirred up a controversy when he called autistic children "retards," has been fired from his job.

But Adam Jasinski, who worked for the United Autism Foundation, doesn't know he's been canned.

He is sequestered in the "Big Brother" house in LA, cut off from contact with the outside world, in keeping with the show's rules.

The foundation announced his firing on its Web site yesterday.

At least one advertiser pulled out of the show following the public outcry over the crude remark and several autism groups even called for CBS to cancel the reality series because producers chose to air the remark in an edited version of the program.

Jasinski was heard on the program saying that he could call children with autism whatever he liked because he worked with them.

"Mr. Jasinski will no longer work for or represent the United Autism Foundation since he caused tremendous damage to UNIAF," the announcement read.

There is also a comment on the United Autism Foundation website

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Kathy said...

I haven't ever been a watcher of Big Brother, but I read about his comments the following day, on one or more of the boards I frequent. I told my mom who does watch the show that he wouldn't have a job to go to when the show was done. I just knew it. LOL LOL LOL. Sucks for him, but he really really really should've known better.