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Saturday, February 23, 2008

So Where Is It?

So where is the photo montage everyone is asking me about? It's COMING!!! I finally got my photos yesterday (Friday) and am working on getting everything uploaded.

The most difficult part isn't doing the pictures, it's finding THE perfect music to go with them. Not only does the song have to PERFECTLY fit the mood I'm trying to convey, but it has to be the right length as well! (otherwise you're stuck adjusting how long each photo displays, how it transitions, etc. which becomes even more time consuming than the project started out to be.)

Several people have said, "Can't you just use some Disney music? Anything Disney will work!" But this isn't quite so. I have downloaded every Disney song there is that has to do with wishes, hopes and dreams (and often several versions of each one) and they're not quite right for what my heart wants to say. And so, I keep looking.

I also have this issue about timing certain pictures to what's happening in the song, (watch my "An Amazing 11 Years" video and you'll see what I'm talking about.) I know...I know!!! Throughout most of my life I'm a pretty random and scattered person, but somehow, when it comes to these montages the perfectionist side of me comes out! Believe me, it drives me crazy too.

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Angela King-Jones said...

Angela's montage is truly" magical". Thank you so much for sharing it with us dedicated readers( entire Make a wish staff)
We don't always get to see the results of our work, this was perfect!!( said with tissue in hand) I will never forget Angela's story , thank you so much for letting us be part of Angela's wish!
Best wishes,
Angela King-Jones
Wish Coordinator
Make-A-Wish Mn