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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Fledgling Called

Tonight Tyler called to give me an update on his new life in California (or "Cali" as he prefers to call it.) He's applied for jobs at a couple of places, including Taco Bell, where he was working here. Hey, it's a job!

The grandmother of one if his friends gave them some tents, so they're going to be striking camp...hopefully somewhere it's legal to do so!

He's having fun and enjoying the adventure, and I guess that's the most important part, right? I've said all kinds of prayers for him, and try to remember that God loves him even more than I do. I pray that he listens to that still, small voice and makes good decisions. That he stays out of harms way. That he's able to keep enough money in his pocket to eat, stay warm and dry, and to pay his cell phone bill so he can keep calling home!

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